The Kings and Queens of Drachenwald

I 1993-2 Elffin and Vanna

II 1994-1 Morgan and Alienor

III 1994-2 Wulfric and Eira

IV 1995-1 Timoch and Adelicia

V 1995-2 Michael and Melusine

VI 1996-1 Garick and Talitha

VII 1996-2 Edouard and Eanor

VIII 1997-1 Elffin and Vanna

IX 1997-2 Jurgan and Lilliard

X 1998-1 Matthew and Anna

XI 1998-2 Sven and Thora

XII 1999-1 Prothall and Cecilia

XIII 1999-2 Matthew and Anna

XIV 2000-1 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine

XV 2000-2 Prothall and Cecilia

XVI 2001-1 Peregrine and Alessandra Melunsine

XVII 2001-2 Elffin and Signy

XVIII 2002-1 Gerhardt and Aurelia

XIX 2002-2 Giles and EzaBella

XX 2003-1 Matthew and Alienor